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Studio Quarters Interior Design

Studio Quarters – Boutique Interior Design

Studio Quarters is a Sydney‐based boutique interior design firm, specialising in residential design, creating spaces that clients love to live in, homes that are timeless, not trend‐driven; quality, not disposable; comfortable, not contrived.

The client engaged Ennis & Perry to developed a business and brand strategy for the new interior design firm, from developing the name, identity, brand and online presence Ennis & Perry have created a truly modern & contemporary brand highly executed across every touch point.


Scope of work:

Business Naming, Brand & Business Strategy, Responsive Website Design, Branding & Identity.

Naming & Strategy

Working around the concept of ‘home’- a personal intimate space. Using this as our basis we used word association and came to ‘quarters’. We really liked the way the word sounded and felt it fitted well with the brand ethos. We liked that it was an old word antique word that had a modern feel to it. Reflective of firms style in combining the old and the new to create a unique and personal designs for clients. A interesting, contemporary, unique and memorable brand name.

The developed strategy positioned the brand as an approachable, high quality interior design brand, effortless to work with, passionate about creating spaces for clients that are timeless, have a contemporary edge, are well considered and beautiful. 


Our challenge was to develop a visual look & feel that represented the developed strategy. Inspiration was taken from the developed brand name and the firms approach to interiors.

The identity has been designed with a modern and clean aesthetic, contemporary with an elegant simplicity, a dynamic brand mark was also created around the initials ‘S’ and ‘Q’. A beautiful simplicity in this design also lies with the way the brand-mark and typography have a sense of modern craftsmanship, detailed, but refined.


Taking the branding the studio created a highly refined and unique online experience for the Studio Quarters website. A site designed and developed to provide a unique digital presence for the boutique interior firm. A mobile device friendly and SEO compliant website with a easy to manage content management system.

The result is a website that is not only sympathetic to the sophistication of the printed brand collatoral but a successful execution of technologies which will future proof the site for years to come.

Touch Points


We are a studio that believe every touch point of a brand should be highly refined and consistent. As a boutique interior design firm, it was essential that all touch points of the Studio Quarters brand were beautifully finished and importantly tactile.

The studio developed a pattern for the brand based on the graphic elements within the brand mark, this accompanied with clean, simply typography was letter-pressed onto a soft 300gsm cotton paper stock resulting in a soft textured and tactile touch point for the Studio Quarters brand. 


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