Oskyn Skincare – Active Botanicals

Branding, Identity Design & Branding, Illustration, Logo Design, Packaging Design & Construction

Oskyn Skincare – Active Botanicals

Oskyn Active Botanicals

Oskyn is a new Australian skincare brand harnessing the powerful and unique properties of australian native extracts in a natural, Australian made & owned skincare range.


Scope of work:

Identity Design, Branding, Illustration, Packaging Design.

Building The Brand

Oskyn approached our studio to design and develop a unique brand to enter the competitive Australian and Asian cosmetic markets. The studio worked through brand strategy, identity design, branding, illustration and packaging design to develop a truly unique, stand-out cosmetic brand. Authentically Australian, high-end & desirable.

Design Inspiration

The studio developed a sophisticated, elegant and modern brand & identity with both feminine and masculine appeal. The brand mark has been developed from the concept of “radiants” – a radiant mark, hinting at the Australian sun and also the botanical elements that go into the Oskyn product.

The branding uses a unique illustration style featuring the Australian native “Illawarra Flame Tree” with the tree’s extract “phyto-active compounds rich in antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties” used in all of the Oskyn products.


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