Purple Balance Nutrition

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Purple Balance Nutrition

Purple Balance – Organic Nutrition

Based in London, Purple Balance specialises in manufacturing plant-based, organic, natural and wholesome protein powders and raw snack bars for the health conscious consumer.


Scope of work:

Brand Identity, Illustration, Packaging Design.

Purple Balance partnered Ennis & Perry to re-fresh and re-position their brand. From identity design and branding, through to product packaging the studio worked with Purple Balance to develop a fresh new “stand-out” nutrition and wellness brand. 

The challenge was to create a foundation upon which Purple Balance could grow beyond the current market place, exposing the world to their passion and range of organic nutritional products.

Working with Ennis Perry has been an incredible experience in which we have seen our business transform. 

Once we started working with these guy’s we quickly realised that we would never ompromise working with another design agency. Their professionalism is unparalleled, their process highly refined and there work is game changing.

Every part of the project was considered,  from the initial stages of strategy, creating illustrations for the branding designing the packaging to managing packaging production. 

Ennis & Perry continuously guided us through the entire process and we felt that it was the best decision we could have made to grow our business in the right direction. They gave us a great support through the production process, communicating with our printers and manufacturers, they spent many hours making sure our packaging design turned out perfectly. 

After our branding exercise and having our new packaging out in the market place, we recently signed a deal with one of the biggest chain of outlets in the UK, thanks to our accessible and fashionable new brand identity. 

Frank & Christina

Purple Balance

Purple Balance needed to see its passion for health and wellbeing and its unique range of organic natural nutrition translate to the outside world. In this increasingly competitive landscape Purple Balance required a solution that would stand out from the crowed.

Purple Balance knew that making a superior product wasn’t enough; they needed fresh thinking for a fresh brand expression. 

The studio created a new brand, identity design & full-suite packaging solution that transformed the business. Utilising a mix of illustration, striking colours and a unique use of raw packaging materials the new brand has dramatically increased sales and helped Purple Balance secure new retailers.

We developed a brand that can evolve with each new product and segment, a system that has allowed Purple Balance to grow seamlessly worldwide.


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